Are you tired of dealing with problems that come with owning a vacant or hard to rent property?

Not only do these homes tend to be a magnet for crime, trespassers, and vandalism- you still have to deal with maintaining that home all year round. Winter months can be especially hard if you have to shell out cash for utilities and repairs to keep the house in working condition. If you’ve ignored the house because of the inability to keep up the property- you could have problems like water damage or mold, which can cost thousands.

Another issue that can come with owning vacant properties is your homeowner’s policy. Most policies require the home to be occupied- and if your property is damaged while being vacant over 30 days, you could lose your coverage. As well as impossible to rent unless you are properly maintaining the home.

So what is the best solution for this problem?

If you want to keep your property free from issues, you should be doing everything you can to keep the property free of crime. Let your local police department know, install flood lights, install a security alarm, and make sure all locks on windows and doors work properly. Making the place look occupied is a good way to keep intruders out- mow the lawn regularly and have maintenance kept up.

Unfortunately this type of upkeep costs money, and if you aren’t bringing in any money for a property- can be overwhelming. If you don’t want to spend more of your time and money trying to maintain a home that is dragging you down- we can help you!

Call Hampton Roads Cash Home Buyer today. We are experts in the area and can make you a cash offer no matter what condition and no matter how long the property has been vacant. Call us today to eliminate the stress of owning a vacant property!